My Experience

The Fraternal Order of Real Bearded Santas


I have been a Member in good standing with this wonderful group of Santas since 2014. We meet Monthly at the Sizzler and plan and train to be the best Santas in the world

In 2017 I was on stage during Noel Noel

On Stage with the San Diego Symphony

With the San Diego Symphony,

I appeared at the end and  lead a sing along . This photo was from a rehearsal. Sadly I didn't get any 

pictures of me during the event.

I was pretty lucky last year 2018

touch to go see the padres Commercial I'm in

You may have seen me on TV at the end of the San Diego Padres Electronic Christmas Card.  I had a great time doing that. 

Commercials I've been in

Lytx liked me so much the first year. 

And another one

They had me back for another one

My First year

I couldn't believe it they picked me. Luckily I didn't have any lines in this one as it was all in Spanish